Florida Autism License Plate

Support Autism Programs

Florida motorists have the opportunity to help generate funds for autism related services throughout Florida by purchasing a plate!

Visit the Florida Autism License Plate team this weekend, June 14th – 16th, at the 26th Annual Family Cafe event — Hyatt Regency Orlando. We’ll be at booth 215, and you’ll have a chance to win an Autism License Plate!

The Power of a Plate

Over 5.4 million people have autism in the United States, and yet it’s one of the most underserved groups of people in the nation. The Florida Autism License Plate Program exists to provide funding to autism-related organizations that educates the community at large while serving those with autism and other related disabilities and their families.

Every time Florida motorists renew their tags, they have the opportunity to purchase a plate and become part of the movement.

Meet Our Grant Recipients

Each year, the Florida Autism Grants Council awards funding to organizations throughout Florida for programs serving people with autism and related disabilities. Click here to see the full list of recipients and learn about how they’re empowering others throughout Florida.

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Need to renew your driver's license or registration?

As of July 1, 2012, Florida motorists now have the ability to donate $1.00 or more to “Autism Services” upon renewing a driver’s license and/or motor vehicle registration.

Make a donation when you renew your driver’s license or registration today! Click here.

2024 Grant Application

The grant application for 2024 will open on July 1, 2024.