Final Report Submission

This project and any approved amendments to this project are subject to  State Projects Compliance for Autism License Plate (CSFA Number 76.109).

 As such, grant recipients (subrecipients) must comply with the requirements for the Autism License Plate Florida State Single Audit.

Grant Recipients (subrecipients) that receive other state funds in addition to the funds received by the Autism Services Grants Council will be required to comply with the Florida State Single Audit Act and will be required to have a single audit if total state expenditures meet Florida State Single Audit Act Threshold.

 In addition to the Final Report, Grantees (subrecipients) are required to provide the Autism Services Grants Council audited financials, including management letters for the year grant expenditures occurred. Exceptions will be made for non-profits who are not obligated by state statue to complete an annual independent audit. In such cases, the financial statements for the fiscal year the funds were spent will be sufficient.  

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